Admitad Scammers

Services for deceiving webmasters and making money on the Internet does not pay and blocks the account!

Admitad Scammers - Action Graph did not pay me my earned $800 and blocked my account.

I’m not going to forget about it, so I decided to write this post. Happy reading, everyone!

Since April 2019, I have been driving traffic from 4 microloan sites,

the first earned $100 was withdrawn within 2 weeks,

as soon as I earned $800 per month

despite the fact that there were $4100 bounces

Admitad blocked my account and my earned money,

Admitad Scammers - Earned Money

and I was informed that the domains of your sites do not comply with our rules.

I advise everyone not to work with Admitad!

I wrote letters to all advertisers in their mail.

Advertisers didn't mind getting traffic from my site!

I promise you guys from Admitad, until you pay me all my honestly earned money, this information will appear on all Sites, Forums, Blogs, as well as in all comments discussing your affiliate program!

Let the people who will come to work with you first read my post, and then think well whether it is worth contacting you!

For myself, I made an unambiguous conclusion — Admitad scammers!

Good luck!